Decorated Cakes

At Alpine your options and choices are endless, stop by our store and check out our full portfolio with all our creative and unique designs.

Decorated cake orders may be placed in person or over the phone.

We would like to have two-three days notice for most of our decorated cake orders;  Tiered cakes and shaped cakes require one-week notice. Prices for our decorated cakes are based on size, filling, icing and décor. Some cakes require a deposit at the time of placing the order.

Decorated Cake menu:

Carrot Cake* – Chocolate Chiffon – White Chiffon
Marble Chiffon – Red Velvet
*not available for for shaped cakes, *Carrot cake contains nuts and not available with filling

Round cakes are available in white or chocolate chiffon only

Apricot preserves. Chocolate Fudge. Caramel Cream. Cherry preserves. Fresh Bananas*.
Chocolate Mousse*. Strawberry preserves.  Lemon custard. Mocha. Pineapple preserves.
Raspberry preserves. *Rum Custard. Raspberry cream. Vanilla custard. Seasonal fresh Strawberry*.
*not available for tiered or shaped cakes,  *rum custard contains alcohol

Buttercream. Mocha. Fudge. Fondant. Truffle Cream. Whipped Cream*
*not available for tiered cakes or shaped cake

  Custom design quote requests need to be made in person by dropping off a paper copy of desired design.  e will answer within 24 -36 hour.

Not all custom design requests can be fulfilled.

Tiered Cakes