About Alpine's Custom Cakes

What one element marks every significant event throughout our lives? Every milestone in our lives, from Birthdays to Anniversaries, is celebrated with cake! 

 We offer handcrafted cakes for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, religious events  and other important occasions.  We are  equipped to do image prints of your Company logo, and any non-copyrighted photo.  At Alpine your options and choices are endless, stop by our store and check out our portfolio with all our creative and unique designs, shapes, themes, gel drawings,  as well as our traditional designs. We cannot accept orders by email at this time.

Orders may be placed in person or via telephone. We require two- three days notice for most custom orders. Tiered cakes, shaped cakes and fondant detailed cakes may require seven to ten days notice and will require a deposit at the time of placing the order. Please note that our special-order-desk closes 30-minutes prior store closing.

Alpineā€™s custom cake menu:


Chocolate Chiffon - White Chiffon  - Marble Chiffon  - Carrot Cake - Red Velvet                    

*Our carrot cake is not available for cutout cakes, 3-D shapes and does not come with filling.  Carrot cake, Red Velvet cake and Marble chiffon are available as sheet cakes only

Carrot cake contains nuts


Apricot preserves. Chocolate Fudge. Caramel Cream. Cherry preserves. Fresh Bananas. Chocolate Mousse. Strawberry preserves.  Lemon custard. Mocha (COFFEE). Pineapple preserves. Raspberry preserves. Rum Custard (CONTAINS ALCOHOL). Raspberry cream. Vanilla custard. Seasonal fresh Strawberry

*Chocolate mousse, fresh banana, fresh Strawberry are not available for tiered cakes, 3-D cakes, cutout cakes or cakes with fondant icing


Butter Cream. Mocha. Fudge. Fondant. Truffle Cream, Whipped Cream            

*Truffle cream and whipped cream are not available for tiered cakes, 3-D cakes, cutout cakes or fondant designs


Round: 8", 10" 12", 14"

Sheet: Quarter, Half, Full 

*Round cakes are available in white or chocolate chiffon only