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Haunted Castle 3-D Cake

This cake requires 2-3 days notice with deposit and is made with butter Cream icing, choose from 1/4 sheet size or 1/2 sheet size.

We also offer a coffin 3-D cake and a tombstone shaped cake - please inquire



Halloween tiered cake

Tiered cake #500c

This cake requires 5+ days notice.

We require a deposit at the time of placing order 

Cat themed cake

This theme is available on any sheet cakes.

please note; spray is not available on whipped cream icing

we also offer a Witch theme, Spooky Theme, Jack Halloween Theme and Spider Theme



Spider themed cake

This theme is available on round cakes only.

Black fondant icing with butter cream webs

we also offer a Witch theme, Spooky theme, Jack Halloween Theme and Cat Theme

Fancy halloween cupcakes

choose from;  ghosts, pumpkins, eyeballs, Pumpkin spice and our Candy apple cupcakes

-- we also offer simple white or chocolate cupcakes with icing and a decorative plastic halloween pick

Halloween cakes

white or chocolate cake with fudge filling and butter cream icing



Halloween Angelfood Cakes

Hand crafted halloween cookies


Carefully handcrafted with love! Choose from: ghosts, jack o lanterns, bats, candy corn mummies, monsters, cats and vintage halloween edible print cookies.

Did you know Alpine offers plain cookies and & icing for sale?