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Being sweet to you is our business!

It is our mission to produce quality products. Our pastries are hand crafted the old fashioned way; from scratch and baked in our big oven on premises! We only use the finest and freshest ingredients for our products; real, fresh Challenge whipped cream, fresh Challenge sweet butter, vanilla extract and only premium quality for our fruit preserves.

Every morning our bakers prepare and bake an array of delicious baked goods. And on Friday's we offer our famous, house made Pretzel's! Placing an order in advance will ensure you getting your favorite sweet treat on any certain day. Give us a call today!

Alpineā€™s parade of oven fresh sweets: Alfajorges ~ Almond Blueberry squares ~  Almond croissant buns ~ Apple Turnovers ~ Apple Crisps ~ Apricot Danish ~ Apricot Linzer Torte ~ Apple Danish ~ Almond Horns ~ Apple Strudel ~ Boysenberry Crumble ~ Blueberry Sweet Pocket ~ Bearclaw Danish ~ Bearclaw Coffee Cake ~ Brownies ~ Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroons ~ Chocolate and Plain Croissants ~ Custard Danish ~ Cherry Pinwheels ~ Dutch Crisps ~ German Coffee Cakes ~ Linzer Tartes ~ Old Fashioned Cinnamon Buns ~ Palmiers  ~ Peach cobblers ~ Pineapple Sweet Pocket ~ Raspberry Danish ~ Raspberry Linzer Torte ~ Raspberry-Apricot Coffee cake 

For almost every season we offer a special baked item; Three Kings Bread for January 8th, Praline-kings cakes for Mardi Gras, and our ever so famous Irish Soda Bread for Patrick's day. During lent we bake delicious hot cross buns, and for Easter our sweet Easter Breads. October and November is  Pie season and during the month of December you will find our delicate Marzipan Stollen, our famous old fashioned Fruitcakes, old world Lebkuchen and Christmas wreath coffee cakes and many different scrumptious cookies on our shelves!

Alpine Pastry, Inc. reserves the right to change products, prices and designs without prior notice.