Celebrate with Alpine's delicious desserts and cupcakes

Our dessert pastries and cupcakes are hand crafted with love! Please inquire about today's selection as some of our pastries are seasonal and may not be available at this time.

Apple strudel slice with whipped cream ~ Almond-Amaretto balls ~ Bavarian cream puff ~ Boston cream cupcakes ~ Black Forest Cupcakes ~ Cappuccino Mousse cup ~ Chocolate Cupcakes ~ Carrot cupcakes ~ Chocolate Mousse slice ~ Cream horns ~ Cheesecake slice ~ Double fudge slices ~ Eclairs ~ Seasonal fresh fruit tartes ~ German chocolate cupcakes ~ Seasonal Hazelnut Chocolate cups ~ Hurricane cupcakes ~ Italian rum cupcake ~ Japonais ~ Lemon bars ~ Lemon pastry ~ Seasonal Lemonberry pastry ~ Mochamania cupcake ~ Mango Mousse pastry ~ Mintdelicious cupcakes ~ Napoleons ~ Pina Colada Cupcakes ~ Pink Champagne Cupcakes ~ Princess slice ~ Raspberry swirl cupcakes ~ Rumballs ~ Rachel's Chocolate cupcake ~ Red Velvet cupcake ~ Salted caramel cupcake ~  Sunday cupcake ~ Tres leches cupcake ~ Tiramisu slice ~ Viennese cupcake ~ White cupcake ~

Don't forget to ask about our specials & holiday creations!

Alpine Pastry, Inc. reserves the right to change products, prices and designs without prior notice.